Personalized Basketball Blanket I02

Personalized Basketball Blanket I02

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If your child is quite difficult to deal with during bed time then one way for you to make it easy for your child to sleep is to give him or her sheets that they will love to use. If you are looking for blankets that your child will really love this blanket

SUPER SOFT and STRETCHY :) This is blanket only!

Also, since these Blankets are made out of ultra-soft coral fleece; your child will stay comfortable and warm. Blankets are also very durable and can be machine washed so they are guaranteed to last your child a very long time.

Design period 3-5 working days

Manufacture period 5-10 working days

Shipping period 3-10 working days 


Absolutely, beautiful.With the detail to craftsmanship, as Chanel would say, details never go out of fashion. Money well spent on a timeless piece of craftsmanship & fashion.


Lovely quality and exactly the color I wanted – relaxed & timeless style. Happy! ❤️

Linda Ekegren