Personalized Mom/Mommy/Nana Mother's Day Blanket 05

Personalized Mom/Mommy/Nana Mother's Day Blanket 05

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The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day Gift for Moms and Grandmothers, this personalized blanket is customized with family names, as well as the color and material of your choice to make a truly unique and treasured gift.
Sure to be a stylish and beautiful keepsake that your Mother or Grandmother will adore. Available in smooth fleece,  all of our blankets are made with the highest quality materials.

SIZE: We provide two sizes 

50x60'' for youth and 60x80'' for adults.

Print: Design is printed in water-based eco-friendly inks that are durable and long-lasting.

Design period 3-5 working days

Manufacture period 5-10 working days

Shipping period 3-10 working days 


Absolutely, beautiful.With the detail to craftsmanship, as Chanel would say, details never go out of fashion. Money well spent on a timeless piece of craftsmanship & fashion.


Lovely quality and exactly the color I wanted – relaxed & timeless style. Happy! ❤️

Linda Ekegren