Personalize Name Cushion 05-Giraffe

Personalize Name Cushion 05-Giraffe

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This delightful pillow is a perfect addition to the nursery. It makes a lovely new baby or baby shower gift!

⭐️  Custom Infomation👇

  • Baby pillow with name
  • Pillow contains an inner
  • size of 15.7x15.7inches

Printing, cutting, and sewing is carried out by hand with careful attention to detail. Creating a gift for birth personalized yourself with your desired name is guaranteed to be a wonderful gift idea!

Design period 3-5 working days

Manufacture period 5-10 working days

Shipping period 3-10 working days 


Absolutely, beautiful.With the detail to craftsmanship, as Chanel would say, details never go out of fashion. Money well spent on a timeless piece of craftsmanship & fashion.


Lovely quality and exactly the color I wanted – relaxed & timeless style. Happy! ❤️

Linda Ekegren