Custom Star Map Canvas Print
Custom Star Map Canvas Print
Custom Star Map Canvas Print
Custom Star Map Canvas Print

Custom Star Map Canvas Print

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We are here to make sure you get the best quality star maps available. Our star map service is hand prepared. After we create your star map, we individually check and adjust each map to ensure it is of the highest standard. Rest assured you are buying from a reputable seller with expertise in preparing genuine star charts and art.

Please note - we will use an UPPERCASE/LOWERCASE layout as per our examples

1. TITLE*: The heading, example: 'LONDON' or 'OUR WEDDING DAY' .
2. SUBTITLE/PERSONAL MESSAGE*: Subtitle/message of your choice. If none is supplied we will omit it.
3. LOCATION*: Tell us the town or city (or Longitude Latitude if you know it) - Example New York, USA.
4. DATE: Date of the occasion (past or present) - Example 15th June 2015
5. TIME*: If you don't know or don't provide this we will default to using 10PM.
6. NAMES: Name of the Person/Couple/Child. If none are supplied we will omit it.


1: Title/Heading: e.g. 'LONDON' or 'Our Wedding Day'
2: Location: 'New York' (or address)
3: Date: 15 May 2015
4: Time: 10PM
5: Names: Optional

*LOCATION: Used to create the map.
*TIME: the time is used for accurate mapping only, it isn't printed on the artwork.
*TITLE: If you do not specify a title we will use the town/city/landmark name specified in location
*SUBTITLE/MESSAGE: Short messages look better.


Print only, the photo frame not included, however we provide frame option, you can choose canvas only (and put in any kind of photo frame that you'd like), or canvas on the frame that you can hang on the wall directly.

We use the Yale Bright Star Catalogue in combination with astronomical calculators to generate high resolution images of the exact position of all stellar objects at any given date, time and location on Earth.

● Design period 3-5 working days

●Manufacture period 5-10 working days

●Shipping period 3-10 working days 


Absolutely, beautiful.With the detail to craftsmanship, as Chanel would say, details never go out of fashion. Money well spent on a timeless piece of craftsmanship & fashion.


Lovely quality and exactly the color I wanted – relaxed & timeless style. Happy! ❤️

Linda Ekegren